No Custom Itens with updates for longer duration
Chronicle Interlude
Jewels Bosses (GM Shop - Hard Farm or in Grand Boss)
Party Zone (Chaotic Zone)
Yello Zone (Farm / PvP ) ( Ires Lake )
Green Zone (Farm / PvP ) ( Abandoned )
Gold Zone (Farm / PvP ) ( Imperial Tomb )
Flag Arena (PvP / EXTREMO ) ( Aligetor )
All boss custom Chaotic Zone
Barakiel Time Respawn: 3h
Nobless Only: Killing Barakiel (Last HIT) (Full Party)
System PVP: Lose Buff in Chaotic
Geodata Active based in L2OFF
You can only farm with 2 Client per (HWID)
Anti-Bot System
Unlimited Dual-Box per (HWID)
Anti-DDos Attacks Protection

Player Spawn Protection 30 seconds
Teleport and buffs are Free
Disabled all clan penalties
Max Clan Members 240 , Lvl 8 royal and knights disabled
Siege 7 Days
Siege Giran|Aden|Goddard + Skill Residence for member castle
Olympiad Hero 7 Days
Safe +8 in olympiads (reuse skills after end matchs)
Min 9 Matches to be Hero
Raids Lv 75+ Drop Raid Boss Token - Checker List Boss DEAD/LIVE
PVP Color Manager PVP
Safe Enchant: +8
Max Enchant: Armors/Jewels +25 / Weapons +25
Blessed Enchant Rate: 100% de +9 até +16
Crystal Enchant Rate: 100% de +16 até +25
Augument Stats Chances: Passivos e Ativos Npc MULT SHOP em GIRAN

Buff Slot + 4 (Divine Inspiration free) + 6 De-buff
Scheme Buffs in NPC
All buffs in NPC
Buff time 4 hours
All Skills Work

.deposito .saque - Converts 500,000,000 Milion Adena
.info - Information, Enchant
.status - View Stats player or your target
.squad - Squad Event
.cancel - Retirar Registro
.exit - Tow Village
.online - Jogadores Atualmente
.boss - Status Raid Boss
.aio - Aio Teleport